Sunday, November 28, 2010

it's a beautiful thing called love.

My mum just passed down her wedding ring to me. To me, it’s the most beautiful ring that I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

At first, she said she was keeping it until I’ve found the right guy for me but she changed her mind until she saw how much I changed in two years. After my parents filed for divorce, my mum saw how I stopped believing in fairy tales and happy endings, I was eight back then.

Things only changed after I met this one boy. He completely turned my world upside down. Little did I know, I started to believe in love again. Everyone around me knew how hopelessly in love I was back then. Mum knew I was happy.

Happiness didn’t stay for long. Things started changing again. I slowly stopped believing in love and each day, it gets worse. Longing for that feeling, longing for that little butterflies. As I was losing him, I started losing myself, my belief and everything in between.

My mother said this,

“I saw what love did and didn’t do to you. It hurt you in every possible way but he made you smile, even for awhile. He didn’t stay but he made his presence worthwhile. Don’t stop believing in love, adik. It’s a beautiful thing. I hope this ring will give you what it didn’t give to me, eternal love and happiness. I hope it will find you a way to start believing in love, again and also find your own term of forever.”


  1. A mom should pass her wedding ring to her son not daugther!! Not fair lor!! I want ring from my my mom too!

  2. what your mom said is true. every love story is different from the other. you make your own love story :)