Friday, December 31, 2010

Another game!

You know the thing that people write on their statuses with numbers?

I was about to join the wagon but it'd be flooding the news feed. So you guys can write anything about me or anything that you wanna tell me, here!

I want my blog to have a nice ending, despite of whatever 2010's done to my previous blogs.

So yeaaah, send me comments! Anonymously or with name. Or just use a nickname that will remind me of you. Please give strong hints.

It's an order.

Okay, not really but pretty please with cherry on top? Okay, thanks guys. Happy New Year. Hihi.


  1. happy new year in advance nadira .

    i'd like to apologize beforehand because i dont think im in the position to write this to you since we dont know each other . and dont freak out . i just like reading your blog . i love how it portrays your sincerity clearly :P its great to see your progress ;) i will never know what you've gone through but i know life's about going through highs and lows . so hang in there . moving on doesnt mean forgetting your past cause its already there and theres nothing you can do to change it . know that you wont completely be free from this . occasionally , it will come to you again . not because you still hold on to it . but because its a part of your past . you're gonna handle this just fine . believe in yourself . i believe in you . dont let this dreadful thing stop you from being that amazing girl who has that ability to light up others life with just her smile . and dont stop writing =D

    fellow blogger

  2. My definition of perfect, Nad. That's what you are.

  3. haa? this anonymous above is being corny. trying to slowly taking chances ey haha

  4. Taurus girl too and we've met :) I guess now I know why I can easily relate to you and your notes. I truly understand how you feel and u shud know that u're not alone in dealing with that broken heart of yours. Im dealing with mine too. Hope someday we'll be friends and exchange stories. Tc


  5. bahahaha. i dont know. :)

    taurus girl: it actually feels good when i know that i'm not alone while dealing this. :) tell me who you are! :D i'm so bad at interacting with people thru my blog hehe

  6. through your fb, blog and photos,
    i find you very interesting