Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing day!

Ahmad: I went to Bukit Bintang last week with my friends for Arab food there and then we met this group of kids wearing weird things.
Me: Uh, like what?
Ahmad: They are wearing these multi-colored headbands.. One whole group wear the same thing. Almost like a cunt.
Me: Cunt?!
Ahmad: Yes, group of religious people or something like that.
Me: Ahmad.. That's a cult, not cunt.


Bryant: So who are you supporting? Malaysia or Indonesia?
Me: What do you mean...
Yewjin: I know la you berbelah bagi, you don't know which country to support because you're half and half. JAWA!
Bryant: See, now the Indonesian girl is mad. The Malaysian is still okay lagi. You belah your body and then half go Indonesia punya side and other go to Malaysia's.
Me: I regret telling you guys ANYTHING!


Tarkessh: So who do you hang out with now?
Me: I am still very close to Ira, Zaahira and Mimi.
Ira: *interrupts* Always have and always be.

The sweetest thing, ever!

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