Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dear almost lover..

I saw a picture of you holding flowers and a heart-shaped box.. Assuming it's for the girl. It doesn't hurt me to see that you've clearly moved on but it just hurt when you never did those things to me. I guess she means the world to you. Before this, I thought there's still hope for me, well, for us but after seeing those pictures, you guys deserve each other. I will let go, for good now. I'm going to accept the fact that you are no longer mine and the boy that I fell for almost three years ago is no longer there. I was stubborn to hold on to you for too long.

You told me that you still love me this August but then I found you started liking her during June/July. So, are you really that screwed up? At least when I told you that I still love you, I wasn't confused with my feelings but I guess you will always be the guy who loves to give mixed signals, makes me confuse as hell and just tell me after that that you've already moved on with someone else. So, thank you babyboy.

For as long as I can remember, I went against my fate. I made myself believe that we were meant for each other, I made myself believe that we'd walk down the aisle together. It's sad to see the person who I used to make my future plans with become my past. Baby, you meant the world to me and probably will always be.

This will be the last time I'm gonna write about you because writing about you makes me think about you so much more and I don't want to have you in my system anymore. You're just a part of my past that I just wanna let go right now. Right now, I'm gonna rejuvenate from all the shit that we put ourselves into because we.. no, I thought I had it all. I love you with every ounce of me but it's gonna be alright. Those feelings will be gone, just like the old you.

You will always be in my prayers and you will always be missed.

One more thing, if we ever meet again.. Don't you dare ask me if I've been missing you or not because you know I always do but I guess you ask everyone that. :)

with love,
your always and forever.


  1. tp bukan u curang dgn dia ke?

  2. nope. i did not. :) neither of us did.
    but both of us did meet someone after the relationship ended.

  3. oh sorry, i didn't know. really am sorry =( anyway, don't grieve over the past, girl! you gotta be strong. all the best!