Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dear Love,

Dear Love,
It took me sixteen years to believe in you and I'm sorry I ever doubted you but I didn't mean to. I saw the things you did not do to my parents, it broke me. It turned me to the pessimist that I was. For sixteen years, I believed that love did not exist. I thought I'd never get to feel this fuzzy feeling after reading a wake up text from that certain someone, I thought I'd never be able to say 'I Love You' and really mean it. Your ability to make two people happy as one, fascinates me. You gave me amnesia, the kind where I forgot about all them other boys.

Of course you introduced me to your other friend named Pain.. He wasn't kind to my heart, he was never kind and will never be kind. I was mad at you at first because how could you let me be friends with him, he made me sad all the time whenever he was around but you taught me that I have to meet him in order to know what life really is.

Love, you didn't stay for long with me but I am still grateful that you walked in to my life. You made me believe again. Please, don't be sorry for all the sadness that I am going through because remember, you made me smile. You made me happy even though it wasn't for long but still, you gave me the best feeling in the world. You made me forget about the rest of the world, you brought the walls around my heart down. Remember, Love.. You are always the antidote of all the pain in the world.

I am just sorry I ever doubted your power.

I'll be kind to my heart.

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