Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Hey there, I know things are not how it used to be but it's sad to see you not having that little spunk or that cheerful spirit in you. You used to say to me boys come and go and that's that. You can't do anything about it but your girls will always be there. Just believe that's true and move on. Live your life, have fun and when the time comes, the most sweetest and loving boy will appear in your life and hopefully never leave. If he leaves then you should know that it's just not meant to be. I know the first love is the hardest to forget. Believe me I know I went through the same thing but when it didn't work out what kept me going was having you and the girls by my side. One day it just hit me that if something is not meant to be, you can't fix it no matter how badly you want to. As for us, a lot of things happened after high school and I guess we're just not meant to be friends and I can't do anything about that. All I can say is sorry and if I believe in regrets, one thing I'll regret is losing you as a friend. One more thing, keep that chin up girly. You're stronger than anyone I know. Show it ;)


  1. heyy, thank you. i think i know who posted this but i'm not gonna mention any names.. i might get it wrong. but hey, thank you so much. it means a lot to me. i guess i've been losing myself for too long already. i'll get back on my two feet, soon. i hope.

    hey, it's never too late to patch things up.

  2. Easier said than done. I want to just don't know how. I miss you guys.

  3. you know how.. just give it a try.. if things just can't be worked out, at least both of us know that we've tried. right? i am still not sure who you are but i know i miss you too.