Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Goodbye November

You have been nothing but a total b*tch to my heart.

December shall be good. I will make it good. I am gonna make the last month of this decade worth every single day because I am not gonna end 2010 with a frown or tears.

So I'm gonna try and make this entree fun.

Why don't you guys tell me
  • anything about yourself
  • any stories you feel like sharing
anonymously if you want, i don't mind :)


  1. hye nadira..
    perhaps im a totally stranger to u because i just found ur fb profile from one of my frens when i accidentally visited ur blog :P nahh actually i love blog walking so i always look up for more blogs and blogs hehe
    btw , thruthfully , i really love your blog . i can feel the sincerity thru ur writing :) i could feel ur feeling n stuffs because trust me , i was in ur position . i was . sorry for bring it up but seriously , i was in ur situation . i mean regarding the break up .
    but listen to me baby , u will move on . . what u feel would be temporary . oke dear ?
    yes , i cant deny the fact that first love is deniable . and i had one . but have u ever heard of true love ? true love is not necessary the first one . true love is the one that u wont ever let go . so he is . and now , i am happy with my true love eventhough he is not my first love . u will find one . trust in ALLAH :)
    by the way , i am not saying that he wont be ur true love . but only time can tell u who is ur true love . it might be him or someone else :) however , just be strong . u deserved someone nice . trust me because i can feel u are such a pure , innocent little girl eventhough i didnt even know personally .
    last words from me , in case u wanna try to forget him , never try too hard because u tend to miss and love him even more . just act normal . yes , it's not easy but you know time heals .

    good luck and never stop smiling .

    lots of love , izz :)

  2. hey izz :)

    thank you for commenting this. it means a lot to me. just wondering.. how long did it take you to let go?

  3. welcome nadira :) . i think it took me months to really move on . in fact , perhaps almost a year . dear , take a long time is actually is much much much better in moving on . because it will help u to see life in a clearer aspect . therefore , do not worrying too much on how much time u gonna spend for moving on . the longer the better because ur pain will be fully eased :) what u have to do now is just keep on praying that u'll back on track . all the best :)

  4. you're such a lucky daughter! :)
    hoping that my mum will spread the words into my ears...
    Have a fabulous day, nad!

  5. i just started reading your blog. sooo i'm looking forward to the FUN you 'promised'