Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hypocrites, beware.

This is going to be a hate post.

When you enter uni, you will end up meeting people you will never forget or the people you will regret knowing. I've had my fair share of meeting these two categories of people and I swear the one I hate is the hypocrites.

You seriously wanna be nice all around me when behind my back, you've been spreading lies? You should know how pathetic that is, no.. How pathetic I was for listening to your stupid advices. The advice that was made by your screwed up insecurities. I do not know whats your deal of doing this to everyone that you know but you have to stop it because you are just ruining everyone.

I pretty much hated the people that I did not know because of you and I was stupid enough to play along with your childish games. My mistake, I actually listened to your lies and let it perish along with your insanity. Stop playing cupid with me, please. Thank you.

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