Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It's always been the cheerful you.

The first time I talked to you was about love. And was about dealing with break ups. And the last time I talked to you was about that too. I know we're not meant for each other just to talk about those stuffs. People always say life is complicated, but you are the one who are currently dealing with it. You can make your life simple. There's no such thing of 'The End Of My Life' except death. I know it's being hard for you these days. Try to wake up and make some reflections about yourself. Before this, you were previously known as someone loud, and someone cheerful. So bring me back the attitude, Nadira Aqilah Bajuri. Gimme that attitude. I know we're practically and physically very very very very far away. We're in different continents. But, it's not a problem or a stumbling block for you to show me that you are happy and enjoying your life, right? You have your family by your side, remember that. While I'm so far away from my family. You try to reflect yourself, bring back the sweet memories, and continue your life as usual. I know talk is cheap. Words can't describe our exact feelings. You'll be running out of faith to get someone out from your mind. Don't try and don't force, just let time pass by and you'll definitely come to the highest point, to the last point where you finally found what you've been waiting for, Nadira. Circle of friends might help with fun distractions right? Friends will always be there for you, that's why it's in circle! Not triangle, or square cause..you'll get limited to only three to four friends only. But circle of friends, comes from everywhere, reach them in any ways. I'm one of yours that are currently so-far-away Kilometres from you sayang. Past is past. Swallow it, and hunt for new happy episodes in coming! :)

I love you, Montana.


  1. So bring me back the attitude, Nadira Aqilah Bajuri. Gimme that attitude

    the girl's right, nadira. whatever happens, your friends are always there for u. and from what i can see, they've always been there for u. dont let some jerk ruin you. you are NADIRA AQILAH.

  2. that nadira is on her way okay? :) just gimme some time.