Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Once upon a time...

  1. Girl met boy.
  2. Boy didn't notice.
  3. She worked hard to make him notice.
  4. He noticed.
  5. Girl screwed up.
  6. Boy confessed his love.
  7. They got together.
  8. Girl was in love.
  9. Boy loved the girl.
  10. Girl screwed up.
  11. Boy forgave her.
  12. They were happy.
  13. Girl screwed up.
  14. They broke up.
  15. Girl lied about moving on.
  16. He believed.
  17. Boy moved on.
  18. The girl never did.


  1. make him notice dat da gurl still love him.

  2. i stumbled across your blog and i love your posts. they're really inspiring and honest with a raw edge to it.

    this post in particular is my favourite. i'm kinda going through something difficult and reading your blog somehow helped me figure out my issues. so i guess what i'm trying to say here is ; thank you, nadira.

    keep your head held up high and keep writing :)

  3. this entry is just the same with wat happen to me and my exbf. :(

    nadira u are so inspired :P