Wednesday, December 01, 2010

That heart is made of steel

Sometimes you hate yourself for not being able to open up and love someone else.
Sometimes you wonder why it sucks to not forget the past.
Sometimes you think you moved on but the fact that it's still there.
and then you blame yourself.

There is nothing in there that you should blame.
Especially not yourself.

Babe knowing you all these years.
Even though we only know each other really real this year.
I saw in the past, how you've been trying so hard.
How you cope so hard trying to win everything, trying to console your heart and trying to not spill a tear.
Being weak in love is not a sin. Never a sin.
You believe in love. I know.
Just that you're too scared to get hurt.
But I can see that you're a really strong girl.
You're scared to love, but at least you are trying without yourself noticing.

No one, I repeat, no one can forget first love.
It's the first. How can you ever forget the first.
You always remember your first friends, first fall, first cartoon, first book,
and how can you ever forget first love.
Never punish yourself my dear for that first special thing.
Because from there, you learn so many things, you're stronger than before, you learn to not fall so hard and to wake up remembering everything and yet still smiling wide.

I am here to let you know.
I am not the great friend to give wisdom words or kick arse quotes of love.
I can only be a listener. and I am great at that *it kinda sucks i know* but I want to tell you this.
Never stop believing in love. It's a beautiful thing. For now, it might come and go.
One day. I promise.
One fine, no, great day. You'll fine this one love, the one love that will come and stay, forever.
For now, you hold on there.
and it's always okay to cry. Especially for love.
It does not show that you're weak.
But it means you're being too strong for too long.
Nad, you are the awesome girl I've ever met.
When I say awesome. I did not lie.
You can smile, despite everything.
You can cheer people up, when you're broken inside.
You know how to turn that frown to a smile when instead you want to cry.
Tell me, who can really do that?
I know only one.
And that's you.

So girl. You hold on tight and wait. and give the world a smile. Because we're here with you.
and for now. He's coming babe. One fine day, his steps will end to you. :)

p/s: and you can count on my ears for that :) -S-