Thursday, December 30, 2010

What happens in 2010, stays in 2010.

2010 is wrapping up tomorrow! Finally.

I've had my share of ups and downs this year and I gotta say 2010 hasn't been easy on any of us. It's pretty much a tough year on any hearts, I assumed but I made the most of it this month so no regrets there. :)

Lost a few friends and gained some, it's all good because from there, I pretty much know who my real friends are and who just feed on my misery. I have learnt that whatever happens, don't let anyone get under your skin because you may end up with a wrecked up heart.

I haven't fully recovered from my past but I guess I'm getting there? I know I still post some unbearable emo posts on tumblr but that's just my way of dealing things. :)

I just wanna say I'm sorry to everyone for not being around that much this year.. This year I swear it was a living hell for my heart and soul and I can pretty much say I don't think I will remember this year that much but I will definitely remember the awesome people that I met this year and also the people I reconnected back.

I've also learned that you will never lose by loving but you will lose by holding back. 2011 is all about prioritizing my family and friends. I've neglected them too much just to heal myself.

To those who were there through my thick and thin, thank you so much. May 2011 brings all the love and luck that you want.

To those who tried to bring me down, thank you for making me a stronger person! <3

To you, re-read the letters. I am keeping my promise.

Have a good new year, readers!

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