Wednesday, January 19, 2011

12 years.

Dear triple M,

I have known you for all my life and to see our 12 years of friendship just go down the drain without any known reasons (at least to me) is utterly upsetting. I know that I must've done something wrong to actually deserve your cold treatment but honestly, I do not know what I did. Maybe you can tell people that I do not understand you but did you really try to explain to me what happened to our friendship? I know I deserve that explanation.

From the bottom of my heart, I am really sorry if I have ever done something to hurt you in any possible way. It wasn't my solid attention to hurt you because I love you to death to lose you. I really do not know what went wrong between us but I hope one day, you'll come back with an explanation. Maybe I haven't been much of a friend to you after school ended but you know I made some effort.

Honestly, I miss you so much. I miss forcing you to go to Korean House and have lunch with me at random hours. I miss hearing your annoying face asking me and the rest of the girls to wake up. I definitely miss our random nights at my place and ended up at some hooker street with Mimi and Yazeen.

I hope you'll read this because as much as you try to deny our friendship, it will always be there. I will always be there for you, in spirit. Take care, babygirl.


  1. who are these dedicated to? a good friend of yours or childhood friend?

  2. Hey there. Was blog walking and eventually arrived here. Nice blog you have here. It's not the typical diary-substitute kind of blog thingy many girls do. I can see your sincerity in your writings. To be honest, I don't think its really OK to write the story of your private life just to have everyone reading about it.

    I know that you're going through a really tough time lately. I can see it through you're latest posts. Be strong. I've been through back-stabbing moments myself. And true, it really hurts. But I know you're the kind of girl who can think maturely when its needed. So, cheer up. Don't let little, petty things bother you or screw your mind. Make new friends, boys or girls alike. You'll feel better.

    Fiq. C=

  3. Hi, thank you but... this is actually how i deal with things.

    I'm okay. but thanks for your concern :)