Sunday, January 30, 2011

Farim Shahnan!

"Nad.. Honestly, are you happy now?"

"Definite yes"

"Good, me too! Both of us dah berjaya. I guess it's because kita dah mind set that this year is gonna be about happiness"

Before 2010 ended, me and Farim made a vow to let bygones by bygones. 2010 was never easy on both of us.. To be honest, both of us pretty much ended up with a broken heart. To see how life has been easy for us after all of that happened, is pretty amazing.

I remember that one night when I called her with tears and everything. She was almost in tears too. You basically won't see our wall posts with each other often or texting often but we're very close in the most unexplainable way.

Both of us are really happy now. January treated us good. We cannot wait for the more months to come.

Here's to happiness and here's to 2011!

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