Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ask me anything, people.

I don't have anything worthy to update but I'm up for answering questions.

Uhh, jangan la tanya soalan yang minta I cekik korang. K?


  1. One question, why so pretty dear sis? :)

  2. I nak tanya,

    1. what did u see in ur life 10 years from now.
    2. tell us what u think in playing hard to get for. is it worth the time?
    3. one of ur bestie like the guy u secretly hav crush on, what did u do?

    p/s: comment approval is sucks. hav to wait u to be online. grrrrrr..

  3. khadijah: haha no lah :) you wouldnt want to catch a glimpse of me during my bad days. but thank you! xx

    1. I'd be.. 30 by then. Hopefully with a steady job (big money hehe), my family and a lot of cats.
    2. Playing hard to get is just another way to know if the person's feelings for you is real but that's my opinion. Some just do it for the sake of the chase. It's time worthy if the guy/girl is worth the chase. :)
    3. Uhm, nothing.. I guess? I dont know :(

  4. http://terfaktab.blogspot.com/

  5. how do you know whether the guy got a crush on you or not?

  6. haxim: apa tu?

    anonymous: uhm, i dont know :| i'm the worst at signals.

  7. Mysterious here,

    1. Who do u think am i ?
    2. Do i annoy u in anyways ?

  8. 1. i seriously have no clue.
    2. well, i really think that you should drop the mysterious/anonymous act..

  9. The age you planned to get married? Haha :p
    And and, the moment that you wish you could turn back to is? :)

    p/s: I love your blog, and I'm your silent reader :D

  10. uhmmm. 26? i don't know :D
    probably during my high school.

    aww thank you! :)

  11. that is awesome blog,i think so :D

  12. mysterious here,


  13. Hey guys, lets start bombard her with real open question.. I will start..

    1. When was the first you hate someone and why. Describe it in not less than 60 words.
    2. If you had a RM 1 million, what would you do with it? Shopping for label at midvalley & pavilion are not allowed.
    3. If you could change something about yourself, what would it be & why?
    4. Name your 3 closest friends. Which one is your very best friend? Haha! Tell us why.
    5. What would be a question you’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
    6. If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?
    7. If you had to spend eternity with one person in this room, who would it be? :)
    8. Describe the best dream you ever had in full detail. Not less than 120 words.
    9. Make a list of all the people you have liked in the past and currently like now.
    10. If you HAD to choose, who do you have a crush on at the moment (non celebrity, must be local malaysian) describe him. Hehe~

    happy answering! we waiting!

  14. 1: Honestly, I don't do hate :) I just say it but after few days, I just don't feel hate anymore.
    2: Definitely by the car that my mum's been eyeing for so long and give some to dad.
    3: My lack of ability to not give any care about anyone's felings. It gets annoying when I think of every little detail of that person but they just don't give a crap about mine.
    4: Zaahira, Ira and Mithalina. I can't pick which is the closest but I've known Zaahira's the longest.
    5: Anything involving feelings.
    6: Probably would want to be like the hottest guy in my UNI just to know what it feels like to be the guy who girls adore and boys hate. I would.............. probably go flirt every snobby girls out there. and leave them hanging. -,-
    7: Honestly, other than my family.. No one. I haven't had that feelings for someone for so long.
    8: I killed all the clowns in the world............................
    9: HOMYGOD. It'd be a long list.. -_-
    10: The type of guy that I'd want to have a crush on... doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't exist


  15. :D haha. nadira get caught in very tricky question! most of the question she dint answer straight. but indeed this is a good one! more question people, please.. omg i enjoying this!

  16. hmmmmmm if a guy wants to get to know you and all he can do is read your blog and msg through inbox in fb, would you give him a chance? eheh ;)