Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Of pain and letting go.

This is for the boys and girls who've been holding on to 'nothing' for too long.

I know how you feel before you go to sleep at night or after you wake up in the morning.. Longing for that one text to make your heartache all better. To dream about the person you love and waking up to your heavy heart. You cling to your memories with that person because you refuse to believe that he/she is gone. You waste your 11.11 wishes on that one person who's never coming back but you, deep down, somehow believe that he/she will come back in your life and embrace you like what you see in your memories.

Did you know..

While you are wasting your time on what couldve been, there's someone out there who's willing to sweep you off your feet and make it all better.

If the person loves you, they won't make you wait.

If the person still wants you, they will show it instead of playing tug of war with your little heart.

You can't seem to let go of your bad habits of looking through your old pictures with that person or you just can't stop listening to sad songs and let your soul bleed. Honestly, I've been there.. As obvious as you can see, I was just like you. I know letting go isn't easy and it's not even close to possible from the way you see things now but when you finally have the courage to take a step forward and go on with life, you will realize how colourful this world can be.

Go out and live your life. :)


  1. hye!i dont know why but im excited posting this.i just recently read your blog and thought that u are an awesome person.your writing is something that i can relate to since i,too,have just recovered from a broken heart.emm reading your posts makes my english better keep posting lenghty posts as i can read em rather than reading a boring story book okay?

  2. heyyy. jst forget the past.
    u still have more time to live ur life with another person.
    and trust me, u can forget ur ex sooner even thou i love her so much as we've been for 3 years..
    so dont worry. ur friends are there for u :)

  3. F: Hehe aww thank you! It feels good doesnt it when you realized that you're done with things like these? My english is not that good, really... But thank you reading!

    Anonymous: True that :) I'm okay now. This post is actually for a friend of mine. :)

  4. i love this and i one of it . a broken hearted girl . and i still dealing with myself . trying to move on . 2 months passed but nothing happened . still stuck in that situations ;(

    *broken english

  5. aww :)
    you will get better. it takes time. healing takes time. just keep your loved ones close. okay?