Sunday, January 09, 2011


Situation One.

Some random guy added me on facebook and then he sent me a message.

Random guy: Hey, kenapa awak tak approve saya?
Me: I'm sorry.. Saya approve orang yang saya rasa saya kenal je. Kita tak ada mutual friends pun.
Random guy: Hmm, saya nampak awak kat page Nadia Aqilah. Tu kakak awak kan?
Me: Yes.. she is.
Random guy: Saya minat kakak awak. Approve la.

I decided not to reply his message.

Random guy: Eh reply la.

Still not replying.

Random guy: Eh kau nak kerek apahal? Kakak kau yang artist. Bukan kau! Gila sombong ah kau ni.

Oh and I had to translate what he actually typed because he typed like this.. HyE awuK bwaT apEw. I was just saving yourself from the retardation.


  1. Retardation overload.
    Btw, I added you too, but not cause I know you, cause I want to get to know you.

  2. hI nAdiwa U r sho0 tiUt wIT uR sHisTeER & Ur m0M iSh shOo hAwt.

  3. anonymous: haha trueee. really? who are you because i rarely approve people i dont know. :) but if you drop me your name, i'll approve u.

    nad: DIAM!

  4. Haziq Alfian. Thanks. :)

  5. hahaha,he is so desperate!
    this post make me ROFL at 4.54 am :))


  6. HAHAHAHAHA bodoh punya mamat!