Sunday, February 20, 2011

9 Crimes

I have lost my writing mojo..

I guess I'll be answering your questions again. Bombs away, loves.


  1. 1. are you single now??
    2. do you still love ur ex-boyfie?
    3. when did u break up with him?
    4. do u like anyone now???

    answer this! :D

  2. 1: yessss! i ammm.
    2: not at all. :)
    3: january 2010.
    4: haaa.. no answer for that. ;p

  3. are you happy with life?

  4. wey, those 9 crimes titles are way out from the entry. hihi

  5. 1. Last time you cut your hair and regret it?
    2. Have u ever curse your friends?
    3. Have u ever do smthing nice for ur friends, that ur fren dont know?
    4. Where the comment approval gone?
    5. Did you think u are cute?

  6. keep it up! i love this game!

  7. what is your full name?
    will u date stranger?

  8. anonymous: hobi ;p

    adam scene: 1. uhmm, form four, almost my shoulder length. hehe.
    2. yesss
    3. yeahh but its alright :)
    4. haha its still there. posts that are more than 3 days old will need the approval.
    5. nope.

    jess: :)

    anonymous: nadira a. b.
    i'd prefer to get to know that person first.

  9. Step away everybody. Let me spice this up coz this look like a job for me!

    So Nadira, tell us..

    1. Which is the best vacation you have ever been on?
    2. Which was the scariest moment of your life?
    3. If "Nero The Genie" could granted you 3 wishes, what would they be and why? Should not involving wealthy, power and relationship.
    4. Which are your 3 physical features, you get complimented on often?
    5. Tell us something that we dont know about you.
    6. If I try to commit suicide by jumping over the top of KLCC, what will you say to me, that will stop me immediately? Note that I am single, so the "care-about-family-things" will not effect me.
    7. What are the three things that you cannot live without? Does not involving person you know.
    8. Which is the rule you're proud of breaking?
    9. Which are the most important traits in a man, in your opinion? I noticed some of the readers here are dying to know. Haha!
    10. If your life was a book, what would you name it and how would your story end? And what would be the climax in it?
    11. What are the 3 biggest mistakes that you have made in your life?
    12. You think you like your best friend boyfriend. He like you too. What will you do?
    13. What would you like to change in your past? Must not involving your relationship.
    14. Have you ever sometimes imagine in your mind, how we (follower of your blog) look like? Tell us that imagination.
    15. Has any of us (follower of your blog) inspire or made a big impact on you? Name 5 top person. And tell us why.
    16. How have us (follower of your blog), according to your friends, changed you since the time you start this page?

    Happy twillling your mind and give us the BEST answer. I will be out of town for 2 days and be back soon. Hope to see something interesting.

    Till then..

    Cheers everyone~!

  10. f*ck yeah!! he's right!!! i always wan to know about no 9 :))

  11. question 15.
    you know who one of the top 5. ehem ehem. *giggles*

  12. want to ask many things but dunno what la

  13. 1. Probably this one trip I went to Tioman with my childhood friends back in 2009. We bonded just like old times.
    2. The time when a 10 tonnes lorry hit my dad's car. There were 7 of us in the car, just imagine..
    3. One, I found videos of people hurting animals... I wish for them to experience that kind of pain.
    4. Hair, legs and smile.
    5. Just keep on reading my blog, you will find out soon because I am not sure about what you guys do not know about me :)
    6. There are so much more that life has to offer.. Honestly, I'm bad at giving speech and convincing people. Hehe. But I will definitely come up with something.
    7. My blackberry, wallet and hairdryer. Hehe.
    9. Haha really? Well... He must be funny, not controlling/jealous/possesive because my friends are 89% guys, knows how to control his emotions, loves cats, respects my family and probably has nice hair. ;) But you know, I don't really have a type, when I happen to like someone, I just like that person.
    10. I'm not sure about the name and the climax but I'm pretty sure the content is gonna be about my family and girlfriends. Probably the things that I know and what I feel.
    11. Trusting people too much, let my ex in so easily and lying to my mother just for the sake of going out with someone. -__- so highschool...
    12. Nothing. Hoes over bros.
    13. The way I lived my life when I was seventeen and eighteen. It couldve been more interesting if I lived a little.
    14. Look like? No but I imagine you guys would have some kind of similar past or interest with me. Probably hang out at some music store and listen to the same music. That'd be pretty rad!
    15. 1. Fiza Razali - Well i'm not sure if she's my follower but she reads my blog. Her blog has pretty much changed the way I look at things. Her influence on blogging has brought you guys here :) 2. Nero - Because you ask really mind boggling questions. 3. Haxim - He told me my blog has made him move on with life. 4. Farim - Because we were on the same boat. 5. Fendi - He asked my mum if I could marry him.
    16. YES! I started blogging since I was 16.. They said I've matured? :)

    I hope you are happy with my answers nero!

    Sesiapa yang hendak hantar soalan menikam kalbu, sila la. :D

  14. Question 6
    "Don't kill yourself! MARRY ME!!"

  15. u missed question 8??

  16. Adive FTW!!
    nice answer!

  17. question 3: onli use 1 wish? lg 2 mane? :S

  18. Nadira: Haha! Finally you did answer "some" of the question. But I could be more happier. Wait till the next session and I will blew you away speechless! Thanks for no 15. Feel good about it. :S

    Adiva: Briliant! I will not let the gravity take me after hearing that. :)