Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Let's runaway and don't ever look back.

Peminat Liverpool tengah gila meroyan dekat Facebook and Twitter. They are having this rampage on Torres leaving Liverpool because he still has some contract... Okay, I only care about football during World Cup or if it involves any hot guys. So Torres is one of the guys that I like.


This is how I look like after stealing shafeena's croissant.

This is how I always smile. -__-

This is how we look like when we see kids bring their dslr to starbucks Ampang Point and take pictures macam photoshoot. Awatnya, tak ada tempat nak bergambar ka? :D


"Yang adik selalunya senyum macam perempuan gila ni kenapa time online. You like someone right now is it?"

"No.. That's just creepy ma because you observe what I do"

"Lagi creepy bila kamu senyum time online, adik. Dia selalu tegur kat facebook ke?"

Honestly, I've been smiling a lot during online because youtube has amaze-ball videos of cats doing funny things. I will probably end up having 30 cats at home when I'm 45. Not to forget the funny babies videos and how to decorate cupcakes. Yes, I'm a very productive child. Don't question what I do daily because you might get intimidated of how 'productive' I am.

Oh, here's my answer to mum's question.

"I wish, ma!"



  1. i thought you might want to read this. you might just relate it to yourself since you've been going through so much without me being there. i'm sorry for that. i don't know why i didn't write this a long time ago. but now that i have, i'd like you to read it. and i may write more of these soon :)


  2. how old are you actually?

  3. third pic and its caption = LOL :P