Saturday, February 19, 2011

See, we miss school too!

I was browsing through folders of high school pictures and videos.

How innocent and naive all of us back then.. It almost felt like nothing could rip us apart. Like being glued to each other and making promises that we will never be enemies and whatnots.

I remember skipping classes with my girls, going to toilet for the sake of hanging out. Or go to the sick bay and play with the wheel chair. Every single time our history teacher wants to check my notes, I would ask her questions and make her believe how fascinated I am with the subject she's teaching. I was that... lazy back then. (Penipu, still pemalas kut) All of us were lazy beings..

During recess, usually I would ask Fatin to buy me food because prefects get to leave 10 minutes earlier for breaks. To avoid, unnecessary starvation.. I'd just ask her to get me meehoon, sambal and mineral water. And take ribbons and clips from her prefect kit, without paying.

My table was pretty much my canvas, I would write pretty much anything and everything on it and the boys will sleep at my table during add math class.

I definitely would want to elaborate more but my eyes are getting teary by the second. I miss all of you guys. :)

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