Friday, February 04, 2011


Hi guys,

I know some of you have been sending comments and I also have been filtering some of your comments due to inevitable reasons.

Some of you have been asking why have not been posting emo posts and what has happened to my so called babyboy.

Honestly, I have been happy with life. I used to drown my sorrow by writing my heart out and ever since I've let most of it out, I feel rather relieved. It actually sucked out every ounce of my sadness in me, even tho some of you think it's very unnecessary to write so many personal things here. In lieu of being so ungrateful about what I have in front of me, I let myself be sad when I have an amazing support system. So, I've gotten over my past and this time.. It's for real because my past isn't worth my pain anymore.

Regarding the boy.. He's moved on with his life and I've moved on with mine.

Oh there are also questions asking me how can I like someone right now?

I just can and he's cute.


Feel free to bombard me with questions now because I am free til Saturday so I can answer your long winded question, Nero. HEHEHE.


  1. I think Nero is on vacation. Maybe busy collecting ang pow! Haha!

  2. hey girl! i'm one of you silent reader. been following ur blog since jan. keep up your good work! xoxo~

  3. how old are you actually? u look very young to be in college life. look like hgh scool girl onli.

  4. Congrats! Good for you summer!

  5. which high schoool did you went?

  6. to be honest, we love all the emo posts. give more reason for gosipping. haha.

  7. serve the boys. they know very soon when they lost u. time for u to hit new guy! i myself wan to ask nero a question. he friend of yours?

  8. anonymous: seri bintang utara 08

    fendi r: honestly, i dont write here for you to gossip. you are here to feed on my misery, aren't you?

    adiva rose: honestly, i do not know him :|

  9. wey..wicked lah, boys like gossiping!

  10. omg!omg!omg!omg!omg!omg!omg! she found someone cute! summer love babeh!

  11. I just joking. We all glad that you move on to a positive measures.

    To silent reader, post something lar, i feel auckward when im the only one do the talking.

    To adiva, why not asking me? I was a charm in answering question sometimes =)

    p/s: officially listed in your blog follower

  12. jess: i know right...

    anonymous: YES. its not even summer :3

    fendi: :) thank uu

  13. No lah, not collecting ang pow. I still here. Just I got busy lately and something interesthing happen few days ago got me thinking. I accidently bump into girl I like in LRT. She is gorgeous unfortunately I was like been struck by lightning from made any move :)

    Anyway, I guess here is not a proper section for me to tell u guys the details. Nadira will wash all of us away if from here if we spamming her blog with our story. And hey Nadira, you dind't answer my question last time in a way it should be. I do however have more question but are your really ready to answer it? Very tricky though!

  14. BRING IT

    and you shouldve made that move nero :)

  15. yea! big gun is back!

    nadira: boyz nowdays are unpredictable eh?

  16. fendi: the answer is simple, coz you aint him. :P
    nero/nadira: where are you guys from? we all should hang out together sometimes. if within the scale of reach.

  17. nadira: waa.. me from ampang 2! nadira can organize gathering for us lah weh! a day out with bbq seems fun!
    fendi: i hav feeling i know u :)
    nero: tell us the details ma..

  18. niceee, im happy for you nad. i hope youre gonna be a lot happier than before!(: i found your yellow name tag in my drawer, feel like reading your blog, so i did. hehe anyways, good luck and be HAPPY tau tau! (; xx

    awak tahu saya siapa kan, tataaa