Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tell me something I don't know, please?

I've been feeling a bit depressed..


  1. did anybody ever told you, your english is good? if someone did, then my comment is not the answer :)

  2. pssst...i somehow stumbled across ur blog, and now reading your posts since 1215pm, the funny thing is, we're in the same uni, never see you, didn't know you and this is my final semester (im EE btw). All the best to you. And oh, hi!

  3. teeha: :(

    safizah: thank youuuu!

    mia: ehh EE? my cousin is doing EE but she's in her third year. ala! i masuk sem you dah tak ada. good luck to you too! :)

  4. you're pretteeeeh ! nah 10 ego points for you. =)