Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Girlfriend material.

Boy: How long have you been single?

Me: A year, I think. Why?

Boy: You doing alright being single?

Me: There are pros and cons to it but as for now, I'm seeing more pros. Living it up! Why you tanya soalan ni? It's so unlike you.

Boy: I'm observing you. What do you not like being single?

Me: Do I-

Boy: Be honest about it. I will tell you the outcome.

Me: Okay.. Honestly, I just hate the loneliness. I get jealous of certain couples, but that doesn't happen often.

Boy: What do you love about being single?

Me: This is easy! I love the freedom, I don't have to care about what my boyfriend would say. I can go out without worrying who I'd hurt. I don't get sleepless nights. I am not emotionally tied up and I'm just selfish about my time at times. I would go MIA anytime. Yeahh, I'd go on forever since I have an ankle length list on what I love about being single but I don't want to bore you.

Boy: I'm gonna be honest about this... The next boy who becomes your boyfriend would have a tough time with you since I can see that you are this.. very carefree girl. I doubt you're anywhere ready to let go of your freedom. Take my advice to not have a boyfriend right now.

I just realized something.. I don't think I'm a good girlfriend material.

I had to change my friend's name if I'm posting up this conversation. He said he wants to avoid unnecessary attention. LoL.


  1. your friend is suck an ass. he trying to get your attention!

  2. Being carefree and not wanting to let go of your freedom doesnt determine you as a good or bad girlfriend material. The guy who loves you the most would be able to give you, your freedom and still be able to hold you close to his heart.
    And you, yourself would want to let go of your freedom,for the both of you.

    I've been single for too long of a time, cause i love the freedom, i do get jealous sometimes with couples around me but, thats their life, thats their own experience. You have to enjoy yours and create yours.

    I have to disagree your your friend's statement dear.

    Sorry if i was harsh or rude.

    Take Care.

  3. I like reading your blog. I want a new entry =)