Monday, April 11, 2011

I don't believe in luck.

Mama: How are you with _______?

Me: Uhh, we haven't spoken to each other after he told me he likes me..

Mama: Why? Things got awkward or you made it awkward? Or is it just you, running away from those things?

Me: He's been busy la, Mama. Nothing to do with it.

Mama: I know you, Adik. You tend to runaway when someone confesses to you.

Me: It's not that la, Mama.... I jus-

Mama: Apa dia? You're scared of commitment? You're scared of the responsibility of being someone's girlfriend? Until when are you gonna be like this? You're going to be 20 soon, Adik. And I know you, you make things hard for any guys yang nak be in your life.


She just made me realize that I'm gonna be twenty soon and the thought of me being 20 scares the living shit out of me.

In exactly 12 days, I'll be turning in to the big two zero and my mum made a strong point.

Regarding the 'You make things hard for the guy who wants to be in my life", I beg to differ.. Sometimes, people play hard to get because they want to know if the other person's feelings are real.

Goodnight, everyone. Have a great, Monday.


  1. the second you get close to a guy you bailed.

    "ohh i've been hurt in the past"

    well get used to it, plenty of that coming.

  2. That is when guys are pulling out.. Especially with soooo many choices nowdays arround!! Less good looking man, over populated smoking hot gal. Just the matter of time before he found someone.

    p/s: No offence, Im a girl too.

  3. anonymous 1: we all know that.

    anonymous 2: none taken.

  4. Is that what really your mom said? as if shes encouraging you to have a relationship before marriage. As there is relationship before marriage in islam

  5. * no relationship before marriage in islam

  6. i'm sorry if this may sound harsh, but lets not be hypocrites here.

  7. Hey what type of guy are you into actually. And whos your ex boyfriend and it seems that you havent move on yet have you

  8. I really don't know.

    Just this one guy, yes I have. :)

  9. that just shows you're not ready.
    don't force yourself :)


    p.s. a BIG sorry to nadira's mom. i have to stand by nadira about this. hehe