Sunday, April 03, 2011

Life cyle of a mindfucked kid.

I've been feeling a bit mellow lately and the weather isn't being helpful at all. I started my one month break with high fever and very bad sore throat but I've recuperated, not completely tho. Getting there. :)


Imagine this,

Subject: The person that has been in your mind/heart for the longe
st time and it's almost unhealthy for him/her to be there for that long. (Note; the person no longer has feelings for you or in another word, you used to date him/her but shit happened.)

He knows your flaws, your weaknesses and that person definitely knows how to get under your skin. He can look you in the eyes without feeling anything while you can't even look at that person without welling up your eyes. That person can break your heart so easily because he knows your weak spot just so damn well.

Instead of breaking your heart all at once, he breaks it slowly and you won't eve
n notice it until your heart cracks into thousands of pieces before shattering all ov
er the place. You need that person, you need him so much til it hurts to sleep at night. You need him so much that your head can't think straight til you have to listen to your heart instead and you know your heart never really makes a smart move. Do you know that feeling? He's the only person that can put the pieces of your broken heart together and he's also the main reason why your heart is like that at the first place.

It gets worse when he tries to be friendly after everything between the two of you didn't work out. He looks at you in the eyes, breaking you slowly. Making you fall for him all over again when he feels nothing about you. His gestures confuse you as hell..

You know what's the worst part?

They claim that they did not do anything when they are just mindfucking you.

Yeah, it can also be a girl. I was writing it on behalf of the girls who have been mindfucked by this type of guys.


Now I am getting annoyed..

I was writing based on this picture but with a different perspective. It has nothing to do with the boy. Thanks guys.


  1. clearly you're still not over him.
    i know how it feels, believe me i've been there.

    let go.