Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monday night.

I don't want a serious relationship; i'm a teenager, i want someone who i can act like a complete dickhead around, that can spend hours just talking about the pointless things. i want someone who makes me laugh and who i can plan stupid things with that'll never happen because i'm sick of seeing these movies with the girl falling in love with the perfect boy. who wants perfect? i want adventure. i want someone i can tell my secrets too and waste my weekend with and act like we're 5 years old again. i wanna have fun.

and i'm grateful that i got that person. :)

even when your phone always dies at such inconsiderate hours..


  1. :) praying for you to stay happy like this forever. suke tgk nad senyum and happy being around the person you love the most. you look beautiful :)

  2. agree! you look much more "alive" this way!

  3. :~) Love the way you love things.

  4. this "alive" type of girl, is the one who keep me interested!