Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ten unworthy facts.

  1. My hair isn't long enough.
  2. I love cats, way too much.
  3. My sleeping pattern is fucked up.
  4. I have no interest in fast cars and bikes. Honestly, I don't care about cars. Unless if it doesn't bring me to great place to eat.
  5. I am too attached to my blackberry.
  6. I am very fickle minded.
  7. I love food.
  8. I am obsessed with food.
  9. My friends consist of 70% guys and 25% girls.. There rest of it can't really decide their gender.
  10. Oh, have I mentioned to you how in love I am with food? If I could make a relationship with food, I would.


  1. Seriously. The only difference between me and you in this post is number 2. =.="

  2. oh you forget no 11.

    -you had a beautiful smile :)

    anyway i support you 110% you had a relationship with food.

  3. 1. your hair cantik. so x kesah la panjang mane pon.
    2. i like cats, not as much as you.
    3. that's normal. org muda. hehe
    4.i dont care much about cars and bikes too. mmg x up-to-date about them.
    5. i just had my BB. its kinda fun :D
    6. hahaha thats because you're still young
    7. i tend to love food more each day
    8. ok i xde la smpi obsessed. hehe
    9. wow serioussss??
    10. hahaha ok ni mmg btol obsessed :P