Saturday, June 25, 2011


i miss our monday night.

the night that we sealed the deal; and that was also the night i was sure about my feelings for you. i knew about the butterflies that you gave but i was never sure if it was just me who felt it or if it was mutual.

i thought after my break, we won't be close. i thought we'd drift apart and just be strangers.

but we didn't. :)

i can't promise you any consistency between us, no one can but what i know is, these little butterflies that you've been giving since day 1 are staying. i don't know or how long but whatever it is, i just love the feelings that you give. all mushed up inside. you effortlessly swept me off my feet, with that cute smirk of yours. i wish i could see you everyday but hey, i'm not going to complain. i know you're trying your best.

and it's ironic how you're not scared of things not and how scared i am with everything.

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