Monday, July 18, 2011

you never meant to make me feel this way.

first and foremost, i know i will regret posting this but i need to vent it out here.

i know that you probably think that you know what's best for me but you ought to know that the life that you're deciding for belongs to me. have you noticed when it comes to my life, you never ask me what i want for myself? in lieu to that, you ask others what am i capable of. of course they'd give you the answer that you'd want to hear. don't you know that they are only sugarcoating the truth about me?

i know what i am capable of and what i am not capable of so, i know what i can and cannot do. my opinion matters. eventhough i'm much younger than you, you should know that what i think still matters.

you always believe the worst in me and it's really unfair when i don't get to prove myself that i'm better than that. i can see that you're never proud of me, most of the times. i'm sorry i'm not the person that you wanted me to be but please know how hard i tried to be that person and you saw how many times i failed.

there are times i wish i could just leave everything and disappear just to see how much my presence matters to you because from your reaction, you only show how much of a burden i am. lately, you can find me talking back when you say something and you wanna know why? i'm tired of admitting something that i did not do or something that you just throw accusations without checking your statement.

despite of all that, i love you with all my heart.

no matter what.

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  1. Dont give up aqilah. Do what you think the best. And keep smiling. ;)