Friday, August 26, 2011

In your eyes.

So many things that I wish I could write without having to sugarcoat anything but then again, everything will be questioned. Like every other thing that I've posted.


I like how at the beginning of a relationship, everything feels transient. Like nothing could bring you and your partner down.

How you get butterflies during phone calls, the perky feeling when you receive their texts. The little smile as you're typing that one text for them.

After awhile, those butterflies will turn into flesh eating disease.. The perky feeling you get will turn into some sort of unimaginable sadness and that little smile will be replaced with tears.

Not everything lasts forever.


  1. if you were mine, i'd treat you good.

  2. ^bapak dia ayat taknak stalker habes lak.

    anyways, that is what most relationship is about. it's up to both of you on how to improve things and make it hotter.

    bahhhh relationships..

  3. hahahahah, sebab tu i tak reply. :)