Friday, September 30, 2011

Do you know the feeling you get when someone who promised to always be there for you is not always there for you?

No words can fathom how much I hate it when this kind of people asks me what's wrong when it's crystal clear that they are the problem. You know, the urge of slapping their face so hard? Because they get your hopes up, they make you expect so much things from them. When you talk to them, there are no words could explain how much you just hate it until you just ended up crying about it.

Wanna know what's worse?

You let this shit happen to you every single fucking time.


  1. there's always a reason/reasons to every little thing happened.

    4 steps to success.

    1: find the reasons/problems
    2: deal with it
    3: ...
    4: profit!

  2. How funny the world is, I did wrote the same thing..


    Posted by Nero Trigger at Friday, March 04, 2011
    Sometimes, I try to put my feeling into words, but it never works. Things's get mixed up, jumbled along the way. Start's to feel like I'm going on and on about nothing.

    I just wish you could look into someone's eyes and everything you want to say is right there. I don't want to tell anyone anything. I want them to see it for themselves. I feel like I desperately need to punch someone's in the face to made my point and say..

    "Skang lu paham ke tak der?"
    "Kalao wa sodok perut lu nanti makan bubur lu der"
    "Hambek kao ubat!" *punch in the nose*

    Luckily, I still got a healthy respect for the human...condition. Yes I am bitching about it and I admit it does happen to me. However, how I wish very much I understand that even though when a person loves me, I must consider the fact that I'm not the only one that make him/her happy...

    It just myself..that refuse to believe it.

    Being a typical human being...


  3. waaa.. taiko sudah balik..