Sunday, September 11, 2011

A rush to the start

  1. I miss you so much. We were so close back then and I screwed things up between us. I'm really sorry. I hope you know that this is for you. Remember our late night talks about life and the things that we've planned to achieve together? I guess both of us got what we both wanted but sadly, we're not even in talking terms to celebrate our emancipation from years of ruthless distressed. I'm sorry. Your rainbow monkey.
  2. I can't promise you anything but what I know is, no matter how far or near you are. You will always be the one I'd want to tell my stories to, the one I'd want to go on evening walks with. I will pillar you up when you need me to. We're going to be alright, with or without distance. Namnam 
  3. Sometimes I wish you'd stop treating me like a five year old. I'm big enough to make my own mistakes, to live my own dreams and I will always be your little girl. No matter how old I get.
  4. I find it hard to decode your thoughts sometimes because you always give me warningless cold treatments. Sometimes, I do not even know if you're proud of me or just mocking my existence. 
  5. You. Until now, I do not get why instead of talking to me or resolving our problems, you just decide to ignore me for no reason at all. We're not 5. We do not just stop talking and be friends later. If you're really my friend, you won't pull this kind of shit with me. It's not even close to cool. I just thought you were different.
  6. We do not exactly have the normal father-daughter relationship. If I don't contact you for days, you won't contact me for days. Or even weeks. But I want you to know that you are always in my heart and you are always loved by me. I know I don't say this often but I miss you. I really do. I will make you proud. 
  7. You really don't have to walk back into my life when you just waltzed out unannounced. 
  8. I miss a whole lot of all of you.
Try deciphering it. 

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