Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everybody hurts, everybody screams.

We rarely learn from our first, second nor be it the third mistake. It always hits us when we're given the last, final chance. The one if we screws up one more time, there's just no loop hole for us to make things right anymore.

To even get another chance from another person after you make your first mistaken should (must) be a wake up call for you because some people just don't believe in second chance. Some would just walk out after you've wrecked your first chance. Not many people in this world has such grace to throw second chances at everyone, even anyone for that matter.


I know I'm going through one of my never-ending emo phase and to have people actually question why do I put myself in such misery is actually just another way of demoralizing me. Of course, I want to be happy but whenever happiness slides into my life, misery has its way of gliding with it too but like always, I try to make the most out of it.

This also applies to the people who always seem so upset about his/her past. Don't question, "Why are you still not over it, it's been so many years/months". Not everyone has the advantage of letting something go so fast. Some take more time to heal, some can just heal in a nick of time. I've been there, so I'd know.


I watched Dear John and I died crying at the end and thinking that it’s so upsetting how love is not enough to keep people together; how Savannah and John who loved each other so much were pulled apart by circumstances and perhaps, choice. But then, I guess that’s kind of the whole point. You don’t have to keep someone beside you to love them, I learned. Someone could be continents away, worlds away, even, but that wouldn’t and couldn’t keep you from loving them. Cheesy as it seems, it’s a comfort knowing that no matter how far apart, there’s always something to help keep a part of the other with you, I guess, and that’s what counts.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When I was sixteen, I stumbled upon this girl's blog. She was eighteen.

I fell in love with her blog instantly because how pure the writing was, how transparent she was when it comes to her feelings. When I read it, I couldn't imagine how she was feeling but hey, whatever she felt, it must be really hard for her.

Her blog made me start writing and little did I know, her writing influenced mine. I began writing but it wasn't as deep as hers because I was sixteen, love wasn't in my dictionary. But things changed when I turned 17. I was her religious reader and then I finally understood what she was going through. At first, I was sugarcoating everything but it stopped after I was keeping on reading her blog.

I remember there was this one time.. She set her blog on private and I sent her an email saying I was her avid reader. I asked to make it public again. (If you still remember this, please unremember it. LOL) And then, few years after that, I added her on Facebook. Few weeks after that, she told me how much she loves my blog and tumblr because it almost feels like home to her.

Since then, we became friends.

And now, here's the part two of our story.

P/S: Fiza, if you're reading this. Don't laugh. I was sixteen and your blog was my inspiration. HAHA.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

KL Vintage Fest

I'm flat ass broke.

By the way, my birthday is in exactly six months. Please start saving up your money for my charm bracelet. Every single time I go to a bazaar, I always end up with 4/5 new charms, or even with the bracelet itself. My new obsession isn't healthy. None of my 'No shopping' mantra is working for me. I need a new life.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My back has turned on you.

I think my classes just drained every ounce of my youth. I find myself before 12AM and I always wake up before 8AM. With quizzes, tests and assignments that have been piling up, my social life has decreased to 2 out of 10; well, it's never exactly on top of the social notch but hey, I had life before this. My weekend consists of downloading songs, pigging out, assignments, playing with cats, more assignments and spending time with my loved ones.


I wonder how the person who used to talk to you every single day can just throw you out of his/her life. It's like you never actually existed in their life. The saddest part is; they make it look so easy to walk in and out of your life.

I'm not exactly sad, just disappointed how things between us just decided to fall apart. But it's okay, I'm not the one who left. Take care, buddy. Just wish you knew how much I miss you.


Let's play another game.

Give me a song that has a hidden message for me. Or not so hidden or the song that you want me to listen. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

If I saw you in heaven.

Such a beautiful song.

Anyways, my first week (Yeah because I skipped the first week and I was down with a cold for 4 days) of class turned out pretty okay. Not exactly how I imagined it to be but it's pretty much drained every ounce of my energy that I had.

I bet some of you are moon-gazing with your loved ones. As for me, I was moon gazing with my mother. I guess everyone's 091011 turned out pretty memorable, eh?

If anyone can recommend me any good old songs, please do. I'm now stuck in Led Zep, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith and Santana mode at the moment.