Sunday, October 30, 2011

Everybody hurts, everybody screams.

We rarely learn from our first, second nor be it the third mistake. It always hits us when we're given the last, final chance. The one if we screws up one more time, there's just no loop hole for us to make things right anymore.

To even get another chance from another person after you make your first mistaken should (must) be a wake up call for you because some people just don't believe in second chance. Some would just walk out after you've wrecked your first chance. Not many people in this world has such grace to throw second chances at everyone, even anyone for that matter.


I know I'm going through one of my never-ending emo phase and to have people actually question why do I put myself in such misery is actually just another way of demoralizing me. Of course, I want to be happy but whenever happiness slides into my life, misery has its way of gliding with it too but like always, I try to make the most out of it.

This also applies to the people who always seem so upset about his/her past. Don't question, "Why are you still not over it, it's been so many years/months". Not everyone has the advantage of letting something go so fast. Some take more time to heal, some can just heal in a nick of time. I've been there, so I'd know.


I watched Dear John and I died crying at the end and thinking that it’s so upsetting how love is not enough to keep people together; how Savannah and John who loved each other so much were pulled apart by circumstances and perhaps, choice. But then, I guess that’s kind of the whole point. You don’t have to keep someone beside you to love them, I learned. Someone could be continents away, worlds away, even, but that wouldn’t and couldn’t keep you from loving them. Cheesy as it seems, it’s a comfort knowing that no matter how far apart, there’s always something to help keep a part of the other with you, I guess, and that’s what counts.