Friday, October 21, 2011

My back has turned on you.

I think my classes just drained every ounce of my youth. I find myself before 12AM and I always wake up before 8AM. With quizzes, tests and assignments that have been piling up, my social life has decreased to 2 out of 10; well, it's never exactly on top of the social notch but hey, I had life before this. My weekend consists of downloading songs, pigging out, assignments, playing with cats, more assignments and spending time with my loved ones.


I wonder how the person who used to talk to you every single day can just throw you out of his/her life. It's like you never actually existed in their life. The saddest part is; they make it look so easy to walk in and out of your life.

I'm not exactly sad, just disappointed how things between us just decided to fall apart. But it's okay, I'm not the one who left. Take care, buddy. Just wish you knew how much I miss you.


Let's play another game.

Give me a song that has a hidden message for me. Or not so hidden or the song that you want me to listen. 


  1. i never told you - colbie
    only hope - switchfoot

  2. need you - travie mccoy

  3. 1) Paramore - Brighter.
    2) Muse - Starlight.
    3) Switchfoot - Dare you to move.
    4) Good charlotte - Hold on.

    :) Have a nice day, Nadira A.

  4. All American Rejects - Another Heart Calls.

  5. you found me the fray

  6. P Ramlee - Madu Tiga :)

  7. ohohoi :) ,

    time to break up- blink 182 , hehekk