Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We found love in a hopeless place.

This how love starts..

He could be someone from your group of friends. He could also be some random guy you met. Or maybe he's your bestfriend's friend.

Then, the two of you would exchange glances or he will make you notice of his existence. From glances, it'd change to numbers. You start feeling all these butterflies whenever someone mentions his name. Or even a sight of him or even his name would make you jump like an Easter Bunny. From there, he'd try to steal your heart. He'd text you every now and then; ask how your day went or maybe ask what did you have for lunch. Anything. From numbers, the two of you would start exchanging stories. You start telling him your deep, dark secrets. Or anything you wouldn't tell anyone. He will show how much he concerns about you.

This is when you start falling for him.

At this point, you are already falling for him and his gestures. He would bring you to random dates. Time ni, kalau merajuk pun he will text so many times until you're okay. You don't need to ask if he's going to call you up tonight because you know he will. He would do anything to steal your heart, to make you his.

After few months...

This is how love ends..

Boys just stop doing those things.

Those late night calls, random texts just stop coming. He has someone else to talk about his random things to. He just stops caring. Your butterflies turn into flesh eating disease. At this point of time, your smile is just non-existent.

This is usually what happens to (almost) everyone. After they got us, their effort will eventually deteriorate. This is for the boys who do this to their girl. Treat them right, before it's too late.

Life 101

I really wonder why people suddenly change after they get what they wanted. One day they are sweet, the next day, they are not. One day they are there. The next day, they are not. One day you're important to them, the next day you are worthless. One day they say they love you, the next day they don't care about you.

That's how ironic things and people can be. Pretty shits, pretty lies, pretty fucked up. But it's still your choice. Cause you choose to get hurt when you choose to be in love.

The sad part? It's just true.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

First World Problem: My sweater is too big.


I was going through my 2008 playlist. God grief, no wonder I was so moody and sad back then.. The songs would push anyone off a cliff. Even the happiest people.

Anyways, writers block. Suggest me anything to write, please? Or just leave me any songs. My iTunes is collecting dust.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

The one that got away.

If Narcissus is still alive, he'd be proud of me. I'm his child. The amount of pictures that I took tonight actually repulsed me. At first my brother only has 9 pictures and then I took 60+ pictures. Not included the deleted ones. I have a weak spot for clear webcam with crazy effects. 

Warning: These photos might cause seizures or even epileptic effects. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Derby the duck

Don't I just look like those KPOP girls? Zzz

Thursday, December 01, 2011


I was going through tumblr, like a true boss that I am. And suddenly, my dashboard was filled with 'Hello December, Goodbye November', 'December, please be good to me' posts. You know, the ones where people just welcome December and begs for it to be nice. As if the month actually affects or change the situation when the truth is, its just the people who make it better or worse.

Then it hit me, 11 months has passed and my resolutions (well, some of 'em) remain untouched. 20 years of my life, I honestly do not know if I have achieved something in life. Something big.