Thursday, December 01, 2011


I was going through tumblr, like a true boss that I am. And suddenly, my dashboard was filled with 'Hello December, Goodbye November', 'December, please be good to me' posts. You know, the ones where people just welcome December and begs for it to be nice. As if the month actually affects or change the situation when the truth is, its just the people who make it better or worse.

Then it hit me, 11 months has passed and my resolutions (well, some of 'em) remain untouched. 20 years of my life, I honestly do not know if I have achieved something in life. Something big.


  1. Resolutions for 2012 - arrange a gathering with all of your blog reader. You will be suprised =)

  2. HAHA good idea but I have no idea who reads my blog... I do not have a lot of readers.