Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heartbreak 1.0

For all my life, I've known myself as a fighter. I don't give up often, I don't really like settling for less. For all my life, I will always fight for something until life gives me a reason not to.

When it comes to love, I rarely give up. I am (or was) always the one who tries to fight for the relationship; despite whether it was hurting me or not. For all my life, I find it easy for me to like someone but to love a person, it's by far the hardest to do. When I love a person, I will love that person with all my heart, without a doubt.

But recently, my little piece of heaven has crumbled down.

Maybe I've been fighting for it for way too long.

But he never really saw my effort of trying to save the relationship; just because I rarely show my feelings.

Sad isn't it? Because I fell really hard for him. I rarely write about him but this time around, it's different because he's not trying to make things better.

What a perfect April.