Wednesday, May 09, 2012

8th May 2012

I met you when I was merely twenty; both so young and was too caught up by our naivete.

We were almost kids, we thought we'd be into this relationship where commitment wouldn't be important, where it would be all fun and games. The kind of relationship that we both thought we signed up for.

Little did we know, it got too serious.. It got too serious until you said to me that you're not ready for this kind of relationship and I, too wasn't ready. We tried to end things but did we succeed? No. Because I was in love with him. I loved him too much; his happiness was mine and mine was his. I couldn't stand the idea of him being hurt. I really loved him. Well, I still do.

We ended things, today. Not sure if it's for good or not but I told him I've given up on this relationship because I realized in the pursuit of making him happy, I got hurt. Holding back is the toughest when you still have strong feelings for that person but god knows how much I miss him.

And god knows why I decided to write like this, again. After I've solemnly sworn to myself that I'd never write this anymore.


  1. When someone said they gave up on relationship, they just going through normal process called "life" :)

  2. for the first time of my life, im completely speechless. i dont really know how to put this in words. ive been thinking for days in search for those perfect words. hence, i decided to be true and talk from within me. how i feel and everything. so this is me writing to you and just talk... when we were high,when we were low, from when its all good to when its all bad, i promise you that i will always love you and i will always hope for you to come back to me. i know you may not want to have anything to do with me right now. just remember the reason you love me before. try to have that feelings for me again. i also know that love alone wont pay the bills,wont secure you a bright future. but have just a little faith in me. everyone deserve that right ? to have someone to have faith in them. so, open your heart for me. make room for just a tiny spot for me as it keeps me going in pursue to change the man i am today. i need that drive. my drive is you and forever will be you. im not forcing you to take me back. im asking for you to still have me in your heart.that me you used to love. - 6