Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of #UnitenGua

For the past three months (or maybe more), I have been very busy with preparation for UnitenGua; an art fest brought to you by the (engineering and IT) students of UNITEN.  Honestly, when I first came to the meeting, I didn't know anyone except for Nadira F. and Aqif Ismail. I only knew these two people and the rest, I am pretty sure I never saw them around campus. Not to mention how intimidated I was with everyone sebab semua muka-muka senior kerek nak mampus pula kan. Hehe

We became closer after having numerous late night meetings and not to mention the amount of calls we had to make between each other (Well, most calls were made by Mok) but all of us formed an unexpected bond, maybe it's because they've been friends way before the event but for me, I only knew them after the meetings and my intimidation towards them slowly faded away. 

I remember dreading the late night meetings because I was just too tired but then again, all of us were. One thing that I truly love about the committees, they were/are there for each other and not to mention how supportive most of them are. When one is down, the others would pillar one up and make sure things are okay after that. They are by far, the best people I've worked with. 

I've worked with many people before this but nothing compares to this because the committees made me enjoy the journey of UnitenGua; the Ikea trip, late night meetings, TuneTalk, Train concert, Apex's surprise. To the names that I mentioned below, you guys rock. All that hard work and determination really paid off.

So thank you Mok, Aqif, Peah, Baim, Nadira F, Apex, Mila, Abul, Azrai, Nadja, Faiz, Palee, Zul, Soleh, Daos, Sandra, Anis, Prish, Echo, Susu and Ghobhi and congratulations to each and every one of you because the event won't be a success without your contributions. I'm so proud of all of you. UnitenGua brings to you ConvoFest, anyone? ;) Sayang korang.

Last but not least, thank you everyone who came and showed your support. Couldn't have done it without you guys. :)

Lepas ni siapa lah handle UnitenGua 2.0 kan? :')

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