Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hi Farah Ain Darwish

Yes, you. I know you've been reading my blog (oh-so discretely). The next time if you wonder who am I seeing right now, ask me. Don't ask your boyfriend because he'll end up asking me. :P

Monday, July 23, 2012

23rd July 2012

X: Are you good at relationship?

Me: Others, yes. Mine, almost clueless. What's up? Is there anything wrong between you and her?

X: She sort of wants to settle down with me, you know, serious relationship? Talk about the future and stuff.

Me: And..

X: I'm afraid that I'm not ready for it.

Me: Dude, you're 25. How can you not be ready for a serious relationship? What are you scared of?

X: What if things just stop working out? What if.. there's someone out there better for me?

Me: Well, if that's the case.. There's always someone better out there for her, too but she chose you.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Talks

It was Sunday.

I was getting ready for my Sunday routine. I carefully tucked in my pale yellow t-shirt in my faded jeans. I picked out my favorite olive sweater and looked at the mirror. For an old man, I looked clean. I thought to myself. The weather was gloomy but I wasn't. I didn't care what the weather was, I've always loved Sundays ever since I came here.

"Mr. Charles, are you ready?", a voice came from the door. It was Charlie. He took care of me.

I nodded and left the room. It was Sunday, everyone looked happy. I made my way to the cafeteria and took a tray. Everything smelled good. The waffles, blueberries, pancakes, baked potatoes. On Sundays, the usually dull cafe turns into a food galore. After filling up the tray, I sat at my usual table with Frank and Patrick. Frank was half deaf while Patrick was not much of a speaker. The conversation between these two were always funny. I was reading the newspaper until I saw her.. The woman that made me come and stay here. She looked cautious with her surrounding and she was wearing her favorite blue sweater that has little flowers embroidered at the sleeves.

I excused myself from the table and made my way to her table.

"May I sit here, ma'am?", I smiled.

She nodded.

"How's your Sunday going?"

"Quite lovely. Are you going to read me a book today?", she asked.

"Of course, it's Sunday, isn't it?", I smiled.


"Mr. Charles, it's 4PM. Your favorite part of Sunday", Charlie said to me.

"I'm ready, son. Just give me five minutes, I need to find the book"

"Your kids called, they say they'll be here soon"

"I will be at my usual spot", I replied.

Once I found the book, I made my way to the garden and on my way there, I was greeted by my friends. They knew where I was heading but most of them just gave me an apologetic smile but I didn't care. I was anticipating to see her. The thought of her smiling when I read made me walk a little faster.

As soon as I exited the front door, I saw her. She was still wearing the same clothes but she carefully pulled her hair into a loose bun. In her hands, there were two lilies. I reckoned she must have gotten it from the doctor that she had an appointment earlier.

"Hello ma'am, did I make you wait?", I asked.

"No, no. I just got here, the doctor gave me lilies. My favorite flower.", she replied.

"I know. I got a new book"

"What is it about?"

"Don't worry, it's not a sad story. I promise this time, the story will have a happy ending"

"I like your sweater. It looks very nice"

"Thank you, ma'am. My wife gave it to me. Can I start reading the story?"

"Oh yes please. Go on"

She was anxious, I could tell. She loved Sundays as much as I did. I loved reading to her because she was a cautious listener. She would listen to every word that I say and she would ask for me to repeat it until she gets it. Her reaction at certain parts of the story made me smile. Made me love her even more.

In the midst of reading, someone lightly tapped my shoulder. I turned around and see Charlie.

"I'm sorry for interrupting, Mr. Charles but your children are here. They said they couldn't be long", Charlie said.

I looked at her and before I could say anything, she said, "It's okay. You've read a lot today, Mr. Charles. Thank you and I'm looking forward for the next reading"

I kissed her cheeks and said goodbye. I could see my children from far and I could see the same apologetic look on their faces. Once she left, they came and sat next to me.

"How are you, dad?", my eldest son asked.

"It's Sunday, of course I am feeling good, son", I replied.

My daughter did not look happy.

"Dad, you gotta come home. Please?", she begged.

I shook my head, "No, Penny. I made my decision to come here and look out for her."

"But mum doesn't even remember you, dad."

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The world was built for two.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was eating with her friends and a boy, around her height, skinny-looking caught her attention. It was his smile that made her look. That one smile that almost looked like a smirk.

They became friends. Well, the type of friends who would just nod or say hi if they see each other.

More than a year has passed, he still has that same smile that caught her attention. Exactly the same, exactly how she saw it more than a year ago.

The only thing that's different is those nods and awkward hi's turned into the things that she loves. The things that make her love him even more.

The end.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quote #01

When someone else accepts you, that's when you begin to see yourself through their eyes. And you begin to realize that there may actually be many qualities to like about yourself
- Natsuki Takaya (author of Fruits Basket)

Friday, July 06, 2012

The little things in life.

  • The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
  • Crossing the last item on your to-do list
  • When class ends earlier than you expected
  • Wearing your boyfriend's sweatshirt
  • When a slow driver in front of you changes lane
  • Getting praise for something you put a lot of your effort and time into
  • An ice cold drink on a hot day
  • Your cat snuggling up to you after a long day
  • When a little kid wants to sit on your lap
  • When someone remembers your favorite song 
  • The satisfaction of scratching an itch
  • When a person asks you if you made it home safely
  • Wrapping your cold hands around a cup of warm drink
  • The morning after a night of rain
  • Hearing your favorite song at a live concert
  • Being surrounded by the people you love
  • When little kid reaches to hold your pinky.
  • When you glance at someone and caught that person staring at you
  • Getting hugs from little kids or the person you love
My list of little things in life that make me happy. 

So tell me what are the little things in life that make you happy.