Thursday, August 23, 2012

23rd August 2012

H: There's something about you.

Me: What?

H: You're like one of the most friendly person I've met. One minute, I feel like I know you. The next, it feels like you're stranger to me.

Me: May I ask why?

H: You make people believe that they really know you when they actually have no slight idea about you.

Me: I'm sad, sometimes.

H: You still don't like opening up?

Me: Honestly, I thought I didn't but I actually do but the sad thing is, no one bothers to ask because I look happy most of the time. Even the ones who are close to me just don't bother sometimes.


I like to curl into a ball. In this pitch black hole, where no one can find me or even have a slight trace of what I'm feeling.

How's that?

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