Friday, August 10, 2012

Summertime sadness.

When it comes to friendship, change is inevitable. It is not something that you can control, it is not something constant. You might be close with your friends when you are in high school but things 'might' change after that. You might stay up on the phone with your friend until dawn but in few years time, you and that friend might not even talk to each other anymore.

You know those friends who you used to have lunch with during break time? In few years time, you might not even be in their friends list anymore. Try to look at the pictures that you took during your final year in your high school, do you even recognize their faces anymore?

Scary isn't it? How things just fall apart.

(I was going to upload pictures of me and my friends during high school and then I realized how depressingly thin I was. Terus I depressed now. LOL)

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