Monday, September 17, 2012

Of religion and ignorance.

Today, my pious cousin showed me 'Innocence of Muslim'. I was utterly shocked after watching the 13 minutes clip, I'm not sure how I would react if I saw the whole movie. I may not be the perfect face for a Muslim but as a sister in my religion, I felt disgusted. Is that how America wants Islam to be seen? Is that how they want to portray how Islam is?

They said the Quran teaches us to be violent, it teaches us to kill people.

Islam does not, I repeat, does not promote violence in any way possible. Our religion does not teach us to kill people, it does not teach us to cause riot, it does not teach us to hate other religions. We only fight back when we are provoked, we fight back when people insult our religion, we fight back when you insult our prophet, we fight back all in the name of Islam. The Quran does not teach us to start a fight, it teaches us to fight back when it comes to matters of our religion. Especially when ignorant people make a movie, insulting our prophet, our religion. What did you expect the Muslims to do? Nothing? Just watch the movie and go on with our lives?

We, the Muslims, are the same like you. We do not like our religion to be made as a joke.

You may think the Quran teaches us to kill people, bomb buildings and cause riots but it doesn't. Those who do that, they have deviated from the teachings Islam. And by saying, "All Muslims are the same" is wrong. The few that did this despicable act do not represent the rest of Muslims in the world. People NEED to stop using religion as an excuse.

To make it short, before you start judging Islam, read the Quran. The movie insulted Islam. To expect Muslims not to fight back is a mistake.

My favorite quote to go with this post is;

Rest in peace the 2977 victims of 9/11 and rest in peace to the 8000000 Muslims for terror crimes they did not even commit

Sunday, September 16, 2012

16th September 2012, 1.33 AM.

You're crying out for help and yet you are not ready to receive any.

You want to be saved and yet you refuse to be found.

You want him to fix you and yet you don't want him to help you.

What the hell do you want?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

When love speaks.

I think people are mistaken with the true meaning of love, especially girls. People expect too much from love, they expect a perfect significant other to appear out of nowhere and sweep them off their feet. When you expect too much, it will only lead you to disappointment and that's why people are sad when it comes to love. You can't expect a person to be perfect, everyone has their flaws, it's whether you want to accept it or not.

I think people get the wrong idea about love because of the way movies (especially The Notebook) portray how love is. The definition of love is big, it's huge. Not everyone can appear at your doorstep at 3 AM just because you're feeling sad, not everyone can wait for you for 10 years. People tend to have high expectations when it comes to their loved ones. Why? Because that's what people fcken do these days. Instead of appreciating what's in front of them, they tend to drift away and expect their partner to make them happy ALL the time. I get it, we can't help but to expect so many things from others but what about what your partner expects from you? Can you fulfill their expectations, too? I bet not.

Having expectations towards someone is inevitable but try lowering your expectations and you might finally see how colorful love is, you might even find your life even better. He might not wait for you for ten years, he might not drive 10 hours just to see you for an hour but he's the one who'll wipe your tears when you're sad. He'll be the one who calls you up at two am just because you miss him. It's the little things in life that counts.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I like the feeling of being in love and being loved by someone. I owe this feeling to the boy I should've dated two years ago. Yes, should have.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bittersweet August.

I didn't have a good start for raya as three of my younger cousins got the pox and one of other cousin had to remove her appendix on the first day of raya. To add another series of our unfortunate events, my uncle had heart attack (he's recovering now) on the fourth day of raya.

Despite of all that, I had a pretty amazing raya back in KL and bid adiue to my good friend, Illy. :'(

The not-so 'almost' newlyweds who are still over the moon.

Team White at Illy's farewell.

Illy is flying off to Manchester very soon. No more beef stew for me.