Sunday, October 07, 2012

This blog served me good for a year and eleven months and today, I decided to shut it down. For good this time.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Change is not always good.

Over the years of blogging, I tried to change the way I blog because my friends said my blog is way too melancholy and it made me realize some things.

Change #1
I tried to blog about how my day went
Result: I realized my life is not that interesting for me to blog.

Change #2
I blogged about fashion.
Result: My lack of fashion sense actually backfired me. I know nothing. Nothing, at all.

Change #3
Tried blogging about the outfit that I wear daily.
Result: Daily outfit = jeans + t-shirt.

Change #4
365 days pictures of me. Basically, I have to take picture every single day of 2012 or was it 2011 that I tried that challenge.
Result: I gave up on the third day.

Change #5

So basically, these are the reasons why I release my inner 17 year old Peyton Sawyer here. Bonne nuit. 

Monday, October 01, 2012

.jpeg Part 1

My lack of social life contributed to the lack of activities during my semester break. I had to attend Software Testers course (which I, alhamdulillah, passed the test) during my break and not to mention I haven't sit for my last paper because I fell sick a day prior to the paper. Other than that, my heart has been happy. 

Recent Melaka daily trip with Mama. 

Jaja's doa selamat

Her name is Shuzshu. The babycat.

I decided to try curls for a day, it lasted for an hour. Thanks, hair.

My favorite picture before finals.
Nero, if you're reading this. My shoe size is 6 for Vans, you know what to do with it. (mega-watt smile)