Sunday, August 11, 2013

11th August 2013

This Is How Love Starts

He could be someone you meet at a party. He could be someone from your circle of friends. He could also be someone you have known all your life. At first, he only notices your existence before the two of you start switching glances. And then, phone numbers. Every time his name appears on your phone, you get this crazy butterflies in your tummy, like it just had eaten ten tonnes of candies. From texting every now and then, it will turn to being on the phone with that person almost every night.

This Is How You Fall In Love

Instead of telling each other about your daily routines, you start telling him your secrets and he starts showing how much he cares about you, about your thoughts that you carry every day. His concern about you makes you feel you are important to him. At least that is what you think. At this point, you do not have to wonder if he is going to call you because, without a doubt, you know he will. And at this very point, he would be there for you, no matter what. He would do anything to make sure you know you are precious to him.

This Is How You Lose Her

After a while, your daily 'good morning' text seems to be non-existent. He does not call you when you argue. Those random phone calls, text messages just stop coming for you. Instead of wishing him goodnight, you wish for him to be like the guy that made you fall for him. He just stops doing the things that made you love him.

This Is How Love Ends

Your butterflies in your tummy will turn into a flesh eating disease.. instead of smiling each time you receive a call for him, you cry wishing for him to send you a text. Instead of talking to him, you start talking to other people.

At this point, your feelings are non-existent to him. You are no longer his precious. You just don't worth his minutes anymore.

This happens to a lot of people that I know. Myself, included. Boys just stop doing the things they did it took to get you because to them, relationship needs to be very chill.

To me, endless amount of effort should be included in a relationship.

I am just that heartbroken.